• Knolls 12 Townhomes

    Managed by Howard Property Management

  • Meetings are typically held on the third Tuesday every two months on odd months.  Location for the meeting is in room 2 at the Crofton Library. 

    Contact Howard Property Management at 410-313-8608 to confirm meeting if interested in attending.

  • The current assessment rate is $75 per month.  Payment can be made directly to Howard Property Management via check, credit card, or ACH (automated clearing house).  Payments can be made online through Howard Property Management website at www.howardproperty.net.  Please include your account number when making a payment to ensure that your payment is applied to your account.

  • Architectural applications, guidelines and community documents are available for viewing.  Please note that these documents are not acceptable for resale disclosure.

  • Anne Arundel Bulk Trash

    Arundel County collects large items that do not fit into recycling or trash containers. More information on this program is located in the Household Recycling and Trash MADE SIMPLE brochure.  Large plastic items such as children’s toys and playsets can be recycled. The items should be placed next to your recycling container(s) with other paper, plastic, metal and glass recyclables on your collection day. Visit www.RecycleMoreOften.com for more details about recycling large plastic items.  Large metal items and appliances, like swing sets, refrigerators, and lawn mowers, can be also recycled.  Please do not place metal items at the curb on your weekly curbside collection day. Metal items that will fit in your vehicle should be brought to one of our recycling centers for recycling.   Contact 410-222-6100 to schedule a collection to schedule large metal item collection. Items must be ready at the curb by 6 a.m. on the scheduled collection day.

  • Anne Arundel Issue

    Anne Arundel County Government has a website to report any county issues.  You can report a downed county sign, a utility issue, alert authorities to graffiti, and countless other items.  Please note that many items within the community are association maintained.  Should you have a question regarding maintenance responsibility, please contact Howard Property Management.


  • BGE Lighting Outage

    Any street light outages can be reported directly to BGE.  BGE offers an online reporting system to expedite any lighting issues.  


  • Knolls 12 Townhomes current managed by Howard Property Management.

    Brandi Keen is the currently assigned property manager.

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